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Supporting teachers to diagnose and deal with students' statistical misinterpretations - innovative teacher training with eye-tracking vignettes

Project management (coordinator):
Saskia Schreiter, Markus Vogel
Project team:
Lonneke Boels, Wim van Dooren, Frank Reinhold, Ayline Heursen, Vuslat Seker
Funded by:
Erasmus +
Funding period:
Sep 2023 - Aug 2026

We will develop and research a teacher training course that introduces an innovative learning practice using eye-tracking vignettes. Our aim is to support mathematics teachers in (further) developing their statistical PCK and CK. These knowledge facets are required if teachers are expected to prepare their students to become data literate citizens of civil society. Our training course will provide teachers with learning opportunities to (1) diagnose and (2) deal with students' statistical (mis)interpretations as well as to (3) overcome their own statistical difficulties.

Prof. Dr. Saskia Schreiter